The Wildlife Rescue Center rehabilitates injured, sick and orphaned native wildlife and releases healthy animals to their natural habitat. Through educational outreach the Center provides environmental awareness, promotes a harmonious relationship with native wildlife, and encourages the community to protect our delicate ecosystems.

Annually the Wildlife Rescue Center fields over 10,000 calls from the public who ask for assistance and advice concerning encounters with wildlife. Due to the destruction of habitat, encounters with wildlife are inevitably more frequent. In 2012, we provided services to more than 2,400 native wildlife patients from over 50 species.

The Wildlife Rescue Center provides educational programming which reaches thousands of children and adults annually. On-site presentations introduce audiences to the tremendous biodiversity around us and encourage respect for all wildlife and our delicate ecosystems.

Please call (636) 394-1880 if you have found an animal that has obvious injuries or is in immediate peril. Do not give any food or water as this can be harmful to the animal.

Contact the Wildife Rescue Center immediately if:
• The animal is obviously injured. • The mother is known to be dead.
• There are flies around the baby and/or there are white or yellow clumps of fly eggs in the baby's fur.
• If maggots are already present, get the baby to the Wildlife Rescue Center as soon as possible.

If the baby has suffered no injuries and the mother's whereabouts are unknown, do not offer the baby food or water as this can harm the animal and Click Here For More Information

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