The opossum is the only marsupial native to North America. When babies are born they are the size of a honeybee. Their front legs are fully formed, allowing them to pull themselves up the mother's belly and into her pouch. A mother opossum may have up to 13 young in her pouch. These babies may be displaced if their mother runs to evade predators or is injured. Opossums with a body length of less than seven inches (not including tail length) are not able to survive without their mothers .

If a baby opossum is found:
Keep the opossum(s) in a warm quiet place. Search the area for other babies. If the mother is dead, it may be necessary to look inside the pouch for live young. Contact the Wildlife Rescue Center immediately for further instruction.

Contact the Wildlife Rescue Center at (636) 394-1880 for instruction on any situation not covered by the preceding information.

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