The grounds and animal care facility at the Wildlife Rescue Center are not open to the public. We invite interested groups to learn more about our work through scheduled education programs.
  • Please check the Education Calendar for program windows that are currently open. On the calendar, click on "Available".
    Dates not listed may have conditional availability, on request.

  • Program participants must be of Kindergarten age or higher.
Program fee: $40 for up to 10 participants, $5 each additional participant (maximum 30 people total)
"Healing Wild" is a one-hour program comprised of classroom time and a behind-the-scenes peek at the rehabilitation facility. Classroom time introduces audiences to the variety of wild animals that receive assistance at the Wildlife Rescue Center, and provides a deeper understanding of the world of wildlife rehabilitation. Behind-the-scenes, audiences will see some of the specialized techniques used in caring for wildlife, and gain a new perspective on the secret lives of our wild neighbors.

Program fee: $80 for up to 10 participants, $5 each additional participant (maximum 30 people total)
"Our Wild World" is a two-hour program focused our sharing our world with wildlife. The program includes classroom time, a behind the scenes peek at the rehabilitation facility, and an explorative nature hike with an interpretive guide. The Wildlife Rescue Center is located in a natural area nestled between Castlewood State Park and Department of Natural Resources land. The close proximity to the Meramec River brings a variety of species to our property including beavers, river otters, waterfowl, shore birds, and more. During the program, audiences will have the chance to explore Center grounds to look for mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and the signs they leave behind.

Additional activities may be included in "Our Wild World" at no extra cost (some restrictions apply):
• A visit from an ambassador reptile resident or a meet-and-greet bunny circle with one of our domestic rabbits.
• A nature inspired art project to take home.
• A project creating items for our wild patients (e.g. wild animal enrichment, baby animal cozies, etc.).
• Content required for these Scout badges or achievements:
  - Girl Scouts: Zinni's Petal (Daisies), Animal Habitats (Junior Badge)
  - Boy Scouts: Backyard Jungle (Tiger Adventure), Fur, Feathers, and Ferns (Bear Adventure), Into the Wild (Webelos/ AOL Elective Adventure)
  - American Heritage Girls: Zoology, Nature and Wildlife (All levels)
  - Baden- Powell Service Association

To book a program for your group, please email with the following information:
  • A contact name, group name and phone number
  • Program choice
  • Date and time preference
This information will allow us to make sure your date and time are available. If so, we'll email you a link to submit payment and program registration details. When your booking is finalized you will receive an event confirmation.

PAYMENT: You can book your program by paying the base fee of $40 or $80 via the online form. You will have the option to pay for additional participants or delay additional fees based on participant count until the day of the program. At that time we can accept cash, check, or credit card.